summer slides


This week I popped to the Boulevard to do my groceries and of course I had to have the weekly obligatory browse around Primark. Well it is right next door to my supermarket, be very rude not too.

There’s quite a lot of new season things coming in that caught my eye, but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to try anything on, so it was straight to the accessory and home section for me.

Of course having a nose around the shoes. They have some gorgeous new styles at the mo, but I know I just wouldn’t wear them right now – trying to be sensible and all that.

But these, these cute little babies did catch my eye.

Only a couple of pairs hanging there and just one in this pattern in my size.

I wasn’t going to try them on though, as I have the worst old lady bunion and I was adamant they wouldn’t fit over my ugly lump.

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