chatting to Laura Hamilton from ‘A Place in the Sun’


We best know Laura Hamilton from our favourite property program ‘A place in the Sun’. We watch Laura showing prospective buyers properties abroad in exciting destinations and tempting us to also find our very own Place in the Sun.

Along with wowing us with properties on the television both home and away Laura is not only a Mum to two gorgeous little ones, but also a wife, business owner – most recently taking over as Postmistress at Lord Roberts on the Green, writer for HELLO! magazine and taking part in shows like the Jump and Dancing on Ice, plus many more exciting projects she’s involved with. Laura definitely is an all round girlboss and total inspiration.

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buying a property in Spain


We’ve had our house on the Costa Blanca for just over three years now and we get asked quite a lot about how we went about buying our house here in Spain and any pointers too.

I am in no means an expert, but I thought I’d share with you our advice and chat about things we’d maybe do differently if we were to buy again and ideas we’ve picked up along the way.

First of all there are hundreds of properties for sale in Spain. Apartments, town houses, villas, country fincas, re-sale and new builds. Whatever style of property you are after I’m sure there will be quite a few of them up for sale.

So there is no need to rush the sale.

That is probably my no.1 bit of advice, don’t rush.

Most properties are up for sale for a long time, so the likelihood of your ‘dream’ house being snapped up when you go away to think, is pretty slim. Which is another thing to look at is, if you want to sell in the future. You have to be prepared that it could be up on the market for a long time. So make sure the property you buy is 100% suitable for your needs.

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some quick tapas by the beach


Mark and I love tapas.

I think it is actually one of our ‘go to’ meals, especially here in Spain.

Thinking back, our second date was in a Spanish restaurant. Sadly nothing as glamorous as being on the Spanish Coast, but in the lovely town of Creepy Crawley – yep hasn’t the same ring to it has it.

The restaurant we went too (which I think has since closed down) had some sort of offer for all you can eat tapas for a set price – but you had to finish all of the dish otherwise you’d pay full price for it. Clearly this wasn’t a problem for me and Mark, being the piggies we are.

We always remember how the waiter got quite grumpy and upset when we kept ordering more dishes, each time he reminded us that we would have to finish each dish or pay the full price, he obviously didn’t know Mark and I very well, haha. 

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