so what do you do all day?


I used to get asked this ALOT when we lived overseas and even these days the new question is ‘are you looking for work’.

I always feel so awkward and squirm slightly inside when I get asked these questions, as I feel I’m somehow not conforming to societies opinion of me, or someone of my age and childless I guess.

My names Heather, I’m 35 nearly 36, have fur-babies not human babies and I am a very happy housewife.

Is this wrong?

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new month, new make-up & new outlook


Happy November 1st guys! With Halloween finished I guess the real countdown to Christmas is on. 

I was up early this morning to the demanding meows of my fur-babies! After about twenty minutes I gave in and got them their breakfast. For a change I was feeling quite awake and ready to get on with my day. 

After a cup of tea and a bowl of oats of course.

++ side note – loving oats for breakfast at the mo and I’m going to do a dedicated post all about them ++

Showered and changed and of course the quick insta story ootd selfie, which Rae very kindly photobombed royally by launching herself onto my legs! It’s her new thing and Mark and I both have brand new set’s of cat scratches on our legs lol.

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do I need a dressing room – follow up…


You may remember this post a while back where I was debating if I really did need a dressing room.

I was feeling a little self-absorbed if you like, spoilt and even guilty I suppose, that I had this little space all for myself.

The kittens are getting bigger and stronger now and love being full-time in the house so there’s no need for them to have my dressing room as their bedroom anymore.

I must admit I do love having my dressing room back.

I mustn’t feel guilty that I have this space as Mark and I have worked hard, saved and even sacrificed things to achieve our home and all we have here in Spain.

So I am embracing it and feeling incredibly thankful and grateful that I have this space for little ol’ me.

So the answer to my own question, do I really need a dressing room? Is…

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