changing one thing in your day…


I’ve been seeing this quote and similar doing the rounds on social media recently,

and it got me thinking.

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stocking up – or hoarding?

IMG_2016Like most people I’m sure, we have the ‘cleaning day’ once a week. For me this is usually a Monday. A good thorough clean up and then a top up clean on a Thursday ready for the weekend #domesticgoddessΒ 

I’m noticing as the weeks go on I’m slowly starting to have more space in my cupboards and drawers where finally ‘things’ are starting to be used up.

For the last few years we’ve been living between our home in Spain and the UK or UAE. So we literally had double if not quadruple of everything scattered between the properties. But now we are finally living under one roof, we have had so much ‘stock’ it’s crazy.

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