insta lately


Hi guys,

It’s been a bit quiet this week with My Spanish Vida. I absolutely loved my previous post, chatting to Laura Hamilton from ‘A Place in the Sun’  so much and felt like I needed to give it the limelight it deserved and I didn’t want it to disappear straight away from the blogs home page.

I thought it would be nice to have a little Instagram round-up once or twice a month. A post just to show my recent insta pics and maybe go a little more in-depth about them – if it’s needed that is.

Also, in other news, I’ve been eating so much rubbish this week I swear it’s made me feel so lethargic and sluggish. Plus not getting enough sleep isn’t helping matters either. I need CBB to finish immediately haha. I haven’t watched Big Brother is absolute years, but have got hooked this series in the last couple of weeks. Which means having to watch the nightly episodes and then staying up to watch the CBBBOTS too – you now how it is.

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