do I need a dressing room – follow up…


You may remember this post a while back where I was debating if I really did need a dressing room.

I was feeling a little self-absorbed if you like, spoilt and even guilty I suppose, that I had this little space all for myself.

The kittens are getting bigger and stronger now and love being full-time in the house so there’s no need for them to have my dressing room as their bedroom anymore.

I must admit I do love having my dressing room back.

I mustn’t feel guilty that I have this space as Mark and I have worked hard, saved and even sacrificed things to achieve our home and all we have here in Spain.

So I am embracing it and feeling incredibly thankful and grateful that I have this space for little ol’ me.

So the answer to my own question, do I really need a dressing room? Is…

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