summer slides


This week I popped to the Boulevard to do my groceries and of course I had to have the weekly obligatory browse around Primark. Well it is right next door to my supermarket, be very rude not too.

There’s quite a lot of new season things coming in that caught my eye, but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to try anything on, so it was straight to the accessory and home section for me.

Of course having a nose around the shoes. They have some gorgeous new styles at the mo, but I know I just wouldn’t wear them right now – trying to be sensible and all that.

But these, these cute little babies did catch my eye.

Only a couple of pairs hanging there and just one in this pattern in my size.

I wasn’t going to try them on though, as I have the worst old lady bunion and I was adamant they wouldn’t fit over my ugly lump.

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some quick tapas by the beach


Mark and I love tapas.

I think it is actually one of our ‘go to’ meals, especially here in Spain.

Thinking back, our second date was in a Spanish restaurant. Sadly nothing as glamorous as being on the Spanish Coast, but in the lovely town of Creepy Crawley – yep hasn’t the same ring to it has it.

The restaurant we went too (which I think has since closed down) had some sort of offer for all you can eat tapas for a set price – but you had to finish all of the dish otherwise you’d pay full price for it. Clearly this wasn’t a problem for me and Mark, being the piggies we are.

We always remember how the waiter got quite grumpy and upset when we kept ordering more dishes, each time he reminded us that we would have to finish each dish or pay the full price, he obviously didn’t know Mark and I very well, haha. 

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lemon water on tap

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night again. Seriously, where does the time go?

Our weekend was pretty low-key. Lot’s of pool time – floating on our lilo’s is literally our favourite thing to do on the weekend. That and playing with all our kitty cats! Cannot get enough of the kittens.

Friday night we chucked a few bit’s on the BBQ. Loving pork and chorizo burgers from Overseas Supermarket (Iceland, lol) at the mo – bloody delicious.

We had to eat inside as there were so many fly’s and wasp’s, it wouldn’t of been a pleasant experience eating al fresco unfortunately.

Saturday night we knew we wanted to eat out, but really didn’t know where to go. We drove around aimlessly for a bit, then we remembered a Chinese I’ve wanted to try for ages now.

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adult braces – one month in

Last year when I had my yearly check up and teeth cleaning at the dentist here in Spain, they suggested that I could benefit from having braces.

I really thought that ship had sailed.

I remember being in my early teens going on and on at my Mum about having braces to fix my wonky teeth.

So Mumma Bear took me along to the dental clinic and the dentist very confidently said that I didn’t need braces, but my wisdom teeth needed removing.

So that was that. Appointment made and I had my wisdom teeth whipped out.

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