vino by the sea


Hi guys,

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

Again I can’t believe another week has been and gone and now looking forward to the weekend.

Totally loving my new ‘regime’. By changing that one thing my days have really been more productive! See my previous post about it just here and also I’ve started to remember to take my camera out and about with me too, total game changer.

So, vino by the sea….

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some quick tapas by the beach


Mark and I love tapas.

I think it is actually one of our ‘go to’ meals, especially here in Spain.

Thinking back, our second date was in a Spanish restaurant. Sadly nothing as glamorous as being on the Spanish Coast, but in the lovely town of Creepy Crawley – yep hasn’t the same ring to it has it.

The restaurant we went too (which I think has since closed down) had some sort of offer for all you can eat tapas for a set price – but you had to finish all of the dish otherwise you’d pay full price for it. Clearly this wasn’t a problem for me and Mark, being the piggies we are.

We always remember how the waiter got quite grumpy and upset when we kept ordering more dishes, each time he reminded us that we would have to finish each dish or pay the full price, he obviously didn’t know Mark and I very well, haha. 

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a windy sunday coffee at la zenia beach


Yesterday we planned to get up super early and head down to the beach for breakfast (which is our new favorite thing!). But once again we overslept (we must have needed our sleep!) by the time we were ready to leave the house it was getting close to midday!

So being too late for breakfast and being slightly overcast outside, we thought we’d still head down to the beach to one of our favorite spots for a coffee and take in some sea air!

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