being festive without the tree



I’m officially getting into the Christmas spirit and this includes digging out the decorations.

We’ve decided this year like the previous six that we won’t put up the tree.

What?!?! I hear you Christmas elves shriek.

Yep, no tree for us.

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas trees. I love decorating them with the Christmas songs playing and a nice generous Baileys in hand. I even went through a phase for a couple of years that I would only have a real tree. It would always be so much fun picking the right one out. Getting cold at the garden center and forever hoovering up pine needles for the whole of December. 

Ever since Poppy’s first Christmas we just can’t have the tree up. You see cat’s love Christmas trees. I know there are a few exceptions out there, but ours are a nightmare. We did trial it when Lily came along, but that was just double the trouble.

They climb them, eat them, knock them over and don’t get me started on the tree decorations!

Obviously endless fun for the furbies, but not for us!

More stress then it’s worth!

With all that said I still like to make the home as Christmassy as I can.

The other day I had a look in the Christmas boxes for the decs.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t as much in there then I thought there would be. I had quite a clear out not so long ago. So much stuff had gone moldy and smelt so musty from being in storage, it was only good for the bin.

Always an excuse to start building up a new Christmas collection.

+ + + + + +

What I found and how I’ve displayed them

I love my Santa gnome and my metal reindeer ornament which I’ve put on the side units along with the white wooden Christmas tree.

My Christmas nibble bowls are out on the coffee table. They were full of chocolates, but somebody must of eaten them all… I don’t know who? LOL!

We still have a few tree baubles and decorations and I thought it would be a shame not to have them out. So I placed a bunch of them on this shallow wooden leaf thing we have on the side. Then a couple more of the tree decorations displayed next to the gnome and wooden tree. 

With one of my dishes I put a Christmassy scented candle that was at the bottom of the box in the middle and then placed a few fur-cones around it. It looks quite good!


We also have our advent calender’s out and I always like to have the tubs of mini cheddars and boxes of chocolates on display too, as I always think they just scream Christmas time!

And of course hang the Christmas cards up too! Saying that we have a grand total of two so far *insert laughing emoji* we’re not very popular, haha!

So that’s it for our decorations for this year I think! I do love looking around at them all in the shops though so you never know a few more may creep in as we lead up to the big day.


I don’t mind though that we’re not full on Santa’s grotto and maybe not even have a colour theme as I always think Christmas decorations is something that you build on, like your home. I know my mum still has some quite tragic homemade tree decorations that me and my sister made when we were little, that she insists on displaying every year. I do love it though as that’s what Christmas is all about. Families and friends making memories.

So don’t stress out thinking you have to put a tree up or get that perfect center piece for the dinner table. See what you already have and have a play around – you’ll be surprised what you can find. The most important thing is that you have fun with your decorations and start building up those Christmas memories.

Heather ♥


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