so what do you do all day?


I used to get asked this ALOT when we lived overseas and even these days the new question is ‘are you looking for work’.

I always feel so awkward and squirm slightly inside when I get asked these questions, as I feel I’m somehow not conforming to societies opinion of me, or someone of my age and childless I guess.

My names Heather, I’m 35 nearly 36, have fur-babies not human babies and I am a very happy housewife.

Is this wrong?

Sometimes I feel that I’m being judged soo much because I haven’t got a ‘job’ or bringing up children or changing the world or something LOL.

Why is it not acceptable that I’m happy doing my thing.

Is it wrong that I’m a 35 year old housewife?

I actually feel so absolutely lucky and blessed with my life.

My husband is happy with me not working and says to enjoy it.

So I am, haha.

And why not.

I love looking after the house and garden. Pottering around doing the groceries and getting everything ready for our weekends.

I love being able to spend time working on my blog (which I’m planning on throwing myself into more).

I love hanging out with my furbies and watching them grow.

I love being able to pop round to my mums or friends for a cuppa and a chat mid-week.

If this is all wrong or odd then that’s what I’ll be.

Considering these days everyone’s so ‘you do you’ then why can’t I?!

I keep myself busy and seriously do wonder sometimes where my day goes and I certainly manage to fill it. I remember actually when we first went overseas and I embarked on my ‘new’ housewife lifestyle, I said to my mum ‘I don’t know how I ever fitted work in’ LOL.

I love being a housewife or is it homemaker these days? Whatever the correct pc description is, I enjoy it.

I have been Cabin Crew and flown around the world going on week long trips to the Caribbean, Maldives, America and more. Which was fantastic and such an experience. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to fly and of course it led to my lifestyle now, as I met Mark whilst I was Cabin Crew. But life changes, you change and life moves on.

I am genuinely happy and feel blessed with my little life and I shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. And you shouldn’t ever feel ashamed of what you are doing with your life either. I truly believe in the whole ‘you do you’. Do what makes you happy no matter how big or small.

Just be happy and smile!

Heather ♥



4 thoughts on “so what do you do all day?

  1. I honestly believe the ‘you do you’ only applied is you’re doing something mainstream feminism approves of. Aka starting your own business, going for a managerial role or making a lot of money. When people scream ‘Girl power’ nowadays they don’t have housewifery in mind which i find quite problematic. If feminism is going to be a success like it has been, it needs to be more accepting of other women’s versions of what they want to do. If that’s not having a job, then women need to support that decision even if it’s not their cup of tea!

    Glad you’re happy ❤

    Abigail Alice x

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    1. Love your comment thanks hun! I mean I admire all these girlbosses so much and I’m like yeah go for it! But my path has just gone differently that’s all and that should be ok too. xx


  2. I feel you!!!! Some people look at me indifferently because I love being a housewife/homemaker more than working. I work part-time because I want my OWN money. My husband likes it that I work but stay at home most of the time. I love taking care of my husband and doing stuff at home. PERIOD. It all boils down to our personal CHOICE. I love what I’m doing and I get to spend more time with my husband. I don’t have kids yet we are working on it but no rush for us.

    Keep on doing you and stay happy. 😊

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    1. Hi Rich! Sorry for the delayed reply! Oh absolutely! It is a lovely position to be in and like you I love being a housewife and getting to spend time with my husband. Totally agree it is a personal choice and it shouldn’t be frowned upon by anyone else! ☺

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