vino by the sea


Hi guys,

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

Again I can’t believe another week has been and gone and now looking forward to the weekend.

Totally loving my new ‘regime’. By changing that one thing my days have really been more productive! See my previous post about it just here and also I’ve started to remember to take my camera out and about with me too, total game changer.

So, vino by the sea….


We popped out for some milk at the local supermarket and then thought it’s definitely time for a quick ‘coffee’ at the beach.

Off we headed to Campoamor Beach.


We’ve been to Campoamor Beach a few times now and usually head to the tapas hidden around the corner – post here – but today we stayed on the main beachfront and sat outside La Barraca overlooking the sea.

Hubby had a café con leche and I of course had a cheeky vino blanco.


Such a beautiful spot and they also have a lovely terrace around the other side over looking the marina.

Time to head back, but not before some pictures (of course) by the huge anchor they have down there.

IMG_2233IMG_2234IMG_2235IMG_2236IMG_2237A lovely time down by the sea.

The vino, company and the setting was just perfect!

It quickly changed though when a huge panic came over me when back in the car and I was putting my camera away. My purse wasn’t in my bag! OMG! You can imagine the rush of sheer worry come over me. We whizzed back to the restaurant where we were sitting and it wasn’t there and then checked back in the supermarket where we were earlier, nope not there. Luckily though when we got home my purse was still there sitting on the side! 

I was changing bags before we went out and I was sure I put it in my bag. But I must have taken it back out again. 

I’m definitely going to split my cards and money from now on just in case it happens for real. My life is in that purse. I was thinking the other day about sorting it out and start using a separate wallet for my cards. I’m definitely going to do this now!

Happy Friday guys and have a fabulous weekend.

See you next week lovelies.

Heather ♥


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