the 3 amigos – 4 months

I actually took these photos at the end of August and planned to put them up on the blog straight away.

I got as far as transferring them from my camera to the laptop and then everything stopped.

Why? I have know idea. I had all good intentions for the post and obviously the pictures ready, so I really don’t know why it’s taken me soo long to share them with you guys.

In my previous post (see it here) I wrote about how quickly September has flown by! I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this.

I can’t believe the mini furbies will be 6 months old next week and are all booked into have their little ops in a few weeks time.

So let me up date you with my crazy kittens.

All three are so adorable and they all have such different individual personalities.


IMG_1965When I took the photos she was being the most photogenic. It really is hard getting pictures of kittens – they move so quick!IMG_1943IMG_1944IMG_1946Rae is a rare ginger girl and she is so soppy, but has no fear. She gives Poppy and Lily as good as she gets and growls back at them. It is quite funny though as she’s so tiny her little growl isn’t intimidating at all bless her.

She’s always happy and as soon as you start stroking her she flops down and the purr she has is incredible. We call her a little trill phone because of the noises she makes.

IMG_1962She loves to play and walks around with toys in her mouth growling to make sure no-one takes them off her. She’s so full of beans and loves to play and is always the first to catch or chase the ‘toy’.



Señor Rocco. Our gorgeous boy of the group. Rocco apparently was the runt of his litter, but he’s certainly overcome that, as he has been having major growth spurts.

I swear he’s nearly as big as Poppy!

OK maybe a little way off, but he is one big boy that’s for sure!

20170906_160914 (1)Rocco is very slender and tall. His feet are massive and has incredibly long legs and tail. He is such a beautiful boy and is gonna be a stunner when he’s fully grown.

Rocco is such a softy too. When he’s ready he’ll  come over to have his head rubbed and he goes crazy rolling around purring away.

It’s so cute how he looks after his little sisters and always comes running if he hears they’re in a spot of bother with the greybies (aka Poppy and Lily).

He loves to snuggle down in is blanket at night and kneads away purring his little head off.

20170824_174128We’ve recently bought a super-duper climbing frame/bed for all five fur-babies and Rocco loves to snooze up in the top nest.

He is so freaking adorable and cuddly I need to go and snuggle him right now!

I only had a couple of photos of him when I took Rae’s and Luna’s (coming up next) back in August, as he wouldn’t sit still. But I’ve literally snapped him now chilling in said nest. Isn’t he gorgeous ♥


IMG_2005*sorry I got a bit carried away!



Luna is Rocco’s little sister. Technically big sister I guess, as Rocco was the runt.

She is still so tiny.

IMG_1955Luna is as light as a feather and very dainty like a doll. She lets me pick her up at anytime and cradle her like a baby.

She just sits there and purrs.

IMG_1966But don’t let the fragile look fool you, as she is one strong little lady.

Luna’s always the first to jump up and climb things and charges around like nobody’s business.

IMG_1977She loves to cuddle. As soon as she sees you she comes running. She’ll jump up on your lap with an instant purr.

She has the cutest white flecks underneath. It’s almost looks like she’s wearing a white bikini!

IMG_1978I’m not sure if you remember, but she has a little deformed paw where one of her toes hasn’t formed and three nails are fused together. She’s been checked over a few times and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. She certainly doesn’t let it stop her running around.

Her little face and big eyes melt me every time.


All three are so cute and I’m so pleased we rescued them. They can be a handful at times, but that’s more when Poppy and Lily get grumpy and want to fight them.

Hopefully in time the greybies will accept them. It took about six months for Poppy to come round to Lily, so going by that we have a couple more months to go. Fingers crossed anyway.

I’m also slowly getting my dressing room back. The little ones still sleep in there at night and when we go out, as we can’t trust Pops and Lils alone with them just yet!

The mornings are always quite hectic with breakfast for all five and litter trays to sort out.

Our house is probably a bit stinky haha with various cat smells, but do you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love all five of my fur-babies and wouldn’t change them for the world, even with the grumpiness from the big ones and the mini lion growls from Rae.

They’re simply purrfect ♥

Heather x

p.s they all feature quite regularly on my insta stories, so makes sure you’re following along for the furry fun → My insta 


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