september days



September what are you doing to me!

I have literally blinked and the world is etching into October already, with the talk of Halloween, bonfires and fireworks on the horizon.

So where have I been? What Have I been up too?

I have been here, but admittingly a tad quiet.

The mini furbies have been keeping me very busy. We’re slowly trying to get Poppy and Lily to like tolerate them, but it’s proving a little on the difficult side. We’ll get there though.

At the weekend Mark and I started on a little project in the garden. It’s something we’ve been planning for a while and are so excited about it. As with all our outside space it’s all kind of evolved from one area to another. Now this particular part is nearly finished it’s given us a fantastic idea for the next section.

If you follow me on Insta you would of seen a little preview of the diy, but don’t worry I will reveal it all soon, once it’s finished.

In other news, I finally got round to replacing my smelly espadrilles that I have been literally living in all summer. As we’re getting into the autumn/winter I thought espadrilles weren’t really appropriate anymore (even though it’s still like summer here in Spain) and to be honest I fancied a little change up from my usual go-to footwear.

So I treated myself to a lush pair of grey adidas neo label trainers.

I haven’t really bought trainers for ‘everyday wear’ for years now, but I am absolutely loving these. They are so comfy and literally go with everything. I need to do some outfit posts for you guys featuring the grey beauties.

Oh and I had the bottom brace fitted last week. OMG! It’s hurting again. Seriously, can teeth be tender? Because mine are! It’s also causing blisters on the inside of my lip and I feel like I’ve had my bottom lip done or something! Tad uncomfortable to say the least, but I know it will settle down before long – let’s hope anyway. You can see my post here from when I had the top brace fitted.

I’m hoping to read some more of my book today The Girl Before by JP Delaney it’s a gripper. Also I’m hoping to finish season one of Game of Thrones. I know, *holds head in shame* please don’t judge me for being sooooooooo behind!

Have a great day guys

Catch ya later

H x

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