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If you follow me over on Instagram you would have known we’ve just had very last minute trip to Malaga. We had one night there as Mark had meetings and work stuff going on. Being the dutiful wife I am, I jumped in the car to keep him company and make sure he didn’t collapse or anything, as he was suffering from a really bad throat and cold.

We stayed at The Tamisa Golf Hotel in Mijas and their gardens have left me with total garden inspiration.

The hotel also backs directly onto the Mijas Golf Course and has an absolutely stunning view.

The perfect backdrop whilst having breakfast on the terrace or sunning yourself by the pool.

At home we’re still working on parts of our garden and the gardens at Tamisa Golf have given me loads of ideas.

I just want to get myself down to the pot shops and garden centres immediately.


I love cactus and palms.

We do already have two palm trees in our garden. They’re both a different style which I like. It’s nice to have a lot of variety going on, not too matchy matchy.

I love all the vibrant greenery and unusual plants you see here in Spain.

Are you a bit green fingered? Do you like a potter in the garden? Any recs on interesting plants or cacti we should check out? Leave me a comment below.

Heather : )



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