some quick tapas by the beach


Mark and I love tapas.

I think it is actually one of our ‘go to’ meals, especially here in Spain.

Thinking back, our second date was in a Spanish restaurant. Sadly nothing as glamorous as being on the Spanish Coast, but in the lovely town of Creepy Crawley – yep hasn’t the same ring to it has it.

The restaurant we went too (which I think has since closed down) had some sort of offer for all you can eat tapas for a set price – but you had to finish all of the dish otherwise you’d pay full price for it. Clearly this wasn’t a problem for me and Mark, being the piggies we are.

We always remember how the waiter got quite grumpy and upset when we kept ordering more dishes, each time he reminded us that we would have to finish each dish or pay the full price, he obviously didn’t know Mark and I very well, haha. 

I think after that date when Mark and I witnessed each others love for food, Spain and tapas and getting me drunk on two bottles of Vino Sol (we won’t go there) we knew we were meant to be from that day (night) on.

Fast forward to present day, to last Friday in fact and we were at a loose end at what to have for dinner.

It was too warm to get spruced up and sit in a restaurant and I didn’t have the energy to cook, we fancied somewhere cool and casual where we could go to with our shorts and t-shirts on and not worry about our attire.

Tapas at the beach it was.

We decided to go to one of our favorites near Campoamor Marina. Delpuerto Chiringuito, which you find them on facebook here.


We found them by accident last year when we were having a walk along the Marina and having a nose at the boats for sale – you know, as you do haha.

And what a find it was.

It’s such a fabulous spot over looking one of the sandy coves in Campoamor. It feels so special and gives you that instant ‘holiday’ vibe.


We of course had a glass of Vino Blanco each. I ended up having two and Mark had a diet coke for his second – always my dedicated driver love him.

For our tapas we has patatas alioli (alioli potatoes) magra con tomate (pork in tomato) croquettes, chorizo and randomly some patata fritas.

All were so tasty.

Especially the patatas alioli, which I am a huge fan and always order these whenever we have tapas out. We were also really impressed with the croquettes. They were absolutely delicious and will be top of the choice next time too!

We do love Delpuerto, as the food is so tasty and the view is amazing. There’s something about being near the sea.  It really does give you that ‘holiday’ vibe straight away and is an instant relaxation which is definitely needed after a busy week on the grind.

Are you a fan of tapas? What’s your favourite dish?

Heather : )





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