adult braces – one month in

Last year when I had my yearly check up and teeth cleaning at the dentist here in Spain, they suggested that I could benefit from having braces.

I really thought that ship had sailed.

I remember being in my early teens going on and on at my Mum about having braces to fix my wonky teeth.

So Mumma Bear took me along to the dental clinic and the dentist very confidently said that I didn’t need braces, but my wisdom teeth needed removing.

So that was that. Appointment made and I had my wisdom teeth whipped out.

Oh my days I still remember the pain when I woke up. It was excruciating.

A week of puffy cheeks and bruising passed and I foolishly thought (like the trusted dentist told me) my teeth would move over time now the overcrowding had been sorted.

20 odd years later and they hadn’t moved one bit, but I thought, well that’s me, I have wonky teeth, let’s just deal with it, maybe it could be a quirky feature.

+ + + + + +

So when the dentist here suggested it to me I was secretly excited. Was 35 too late to get my teeth fixed? Hell No! I’m on this.

Sadly though we had to postpone it because of temporarily moving back to the UK and I was unsure I’d be able to get over to make the monthly appointments. If I had started it then I would be over a year in and have less than 6 months to go.

“a year from now you’d wish you had started today”

So fast forward to a few months ago when we moved back to Spain and I started the ball rolling for the braces.

I had x-rays and molds taken, which was quite uncomfortable actually. I have a serious low pain threshold.

Then last month I had the top brace fitted.

I’ve gone for aesthetic (white) on the top and the actual fitting I didn’t find too bad. 

It took me ages to get used to them though. Nearly two weeks before I could eat solids again, but I have shred a few lbs so silver linings and all that.

I’m still finding it hard to ‘chew’ completely, but I’m getting there.

A little tip if you’re getting them done – Make sure you prepare before hand (I didn’t) have lot’s of ice-cream, potatoes for mash, chocolate mousse, beans, mac cheese, soup etc stocked up. The last thing you’ll want to do is go traipsing round the supermarket. 

The first few days I was so paranoid, they felt so big in my mouth and weirdly felt like they were slipping off. They clearly weren’t, but it was quite a thing to get used too.

They still feel quite sensitive as well, but also I’m guessing that’s to be expected. 

Since they’ve been fitted I have become completely obsessed with my dental hygiene. Not a bad thing at all.

I’ve always used an electric toothbrush and cleaned twice a day. I since bought a manual toothbrush with a spare in my handbag. I now use mouthwash morning and night, brush after every meal, well every time I eat actually and use the little dental sticks too.

A couple of weeks ago I went for my first tightening. Which I didn’t actually know I was having them tightened, I thought I was just going for a check up. 

F-ing hell I have never felt pain like it. It hurt so much I can’t lie to you. It wasn’t a pain that lasted mind, but it did feel like I was having torture applied to me. 

Whilst paying I nearly bloody fainted. Seriously how embarrassing. The girl was so kind and got me an iced tea (which was rather nice actually). I came over so dizzy, hot and clammy. It was like this big whoosh came over my body. About ten minutes later I was feeling a bit better, but still feeling like a prize plonker I smiled, thanked the girl again, paid and headed to my car hoping that I wouldn’t pass out on my way.

After the first tightening though I’m sure I can see my two front teeth evening out already. It really is so clever.

I get the bottom brace fitted in September and I’m just having an all metal for that one. I figured you can’t see the bottom set as much as the top, so hopefully it’ll be hidden for most of the time.

Two weeks until my next tightening which I m not looking forward to at all. At least I know what to expect now, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Only 17 more months to go until they’re all off. I am literally on the countdown.

I do know the result will be totally worth it though.

Have you had a brace or are thinking about one? Any tips you can share about making life easier with braces. Please let me know in the comments below.

Heather : )


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