kitchen accessories in progress

I’m always having a re-jiggle around the house. I love sorting out different drawers and cupboards. Forever taking bags of pre-loved things to the charity shop and figuring out if something would work better in a different place or room.

Like everyone’s home I’m sure, whether it’s your bedroom at your parents house, the room in your house-share or even a pad of your very own, we are always thinking of ways to spruce up our little haven.

I love flicking through home decor magazines and scrolling for hours through pinterest ooing and ahhing at all the perfectly gorgeous rooms and accessories. Mentally re-decorating each room of our house as I go and visualizing us living in the space.

Which got me to thinking of ways to give the kitchen a little re-arrange.

I went through a stage of moving the cupboard contents around pretty much every week. Which kind of irritated Mark. He wouldn’t know from one week to the next where anything would be living, as it was always different from when he’d return from being away with work. oops, sorry babe.

But in my defense. I don’t think until you’ve ‘lived’ in your home for a while you know exactly where things should be living from day one. It’s not until you get on with your daily life you really then start to figure out where things should be living. As where you’d probably thought something would work well in say spot ‘A’ in reality it’d work better in spot ‘X’.

I think though the cupboards are pretty much sorted now. Music to Marks ears.

The work surface though, they did need a little sorting.

The corner where the kettle lives was overly cluttered and was really starting to bug me. It just looked a mess. I do like the minimalist look, but not too much. I’m also really into white accessories at the moment. I feel they look clean and fresh and with our white tiles and wooden rustic cupboards I think they work really well together.

I had the tea-bag pot and my pu-erh tea jar (which are still there), a green tin containing my peppermint tea, my glass mug I always have my pu-erh tea in, the sweetener dispenser (Mark likes his sweetener), two dishes for tea-bags and the kettle. Crumbs, no wonder I was feeling cluttered and overwhelmed!

Completely stripping it all back I left my tea-bag pot and the pu-erh tea jar there. I put away the mug, dishes and sweetener dispenser as they really didn’t need to be out on display. I now put my used tea-bags straight in the bin rather than leaving them out on the side. By doing that you’re keeping the kitchen so much cleaner, neater and tidier.

I still wanted my peppermint tea accessible, but not in the green tin. So some sort of white tin was now on the list. Until I went through my cupboards and I found a 3x tin set which yep you’ve guessed it, are white with black flowers on. I’ve had them a while now and they’re only from ikea, but definitely do the trick. They are a little worn in places, but are certainly the perfect items for the interim.

I was also after a white dish to hold the kitchen sponge and dish cloth. I then spotted high up on a shelf my white pestle and mortar, which I’ve never used! Voilá, the perfect dish for the sponges.

Again there are few little things I still want to tweak. Poppy and Lily love drinking out of the plastic wine glass. I know I know, #crazycatlady, but if it gets them drinking water then I’m doing it, plus they look so damn cute drinking from it. I do want to find a white plastic one to go with the theme. They also have an old shoe box which they love to sit on and look out the window, again on the hunt for something white and doesn’t look so much like, well, an old shoe box.

My other little area I’ve re-jiggled is the corner above the dishwasher. We used to have the coffee maker there, but like most kitchen appliances you use them loads then once the novelty wears off they end up sitting there collecting dust. It is a shame really, but it seemed such a waste it being there taking up valuable surface space. I popped it away in the big cupboard and now I’m using the area as my ‘daily admin’ space. I have my cute Spanish jug as a pen pot and I’ve also put a pin board there too. So I’ve got somewhere for my shopping lists, appointment cards and leaflets etc I want to refer back too. Oh and also my countdown till I have my braces off. Only 17 months to go.


I’m so much happier with the way my kitchens looking. It’s completely de-cluttered and I feel I have much more space to work with too.  Looking at these pictures I also need a large white pepper mill. My brown one is looking tired, dull and just doesn’t ‘go’ anymore. Oh and I also need to stick to plain white kitchen roll.

It just goes to show by having a little de-clutter, tidying up and searching for other items in the house to see where they could work better, you can really transform your space without having to spend a fortune.

Heather : )




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