New year, Old blog

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to you all!

Just to let you know I will be blogging from my old blog Suncream and Sparkles from now on.

I would love you to check out my latest post here and follow along there!

Thanks so much for being part of My Spanish Vida and make sure you keep up to date with me on my social channels TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Heather ♥


being festive without the tree



I’m officially getting into the Christmas spirit and this includes digging out the decorations.

We’ve decided this year like the previous six that we won’t put up the tree.

What?!?! I hear you Christmas elves shriek.

Yep, no tree for us.

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so what do you do all day?


I used to get asked this ALOT when we lived overseas and even these days the new question is ‘are you looking for work’.

I always feel so awkward and squirm slightly inside when I get asked these questions, as I feel I’m somehow not conforming to societies opinion of me, or someone of my age and childless I guess.

My names Heather, I’m 35 nearly 36, have fur-babies not human babies and I am a very happy housewife.

Is this wrong?

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